Thoughts from Ussher on the Cross

October 12, 2007

tncross2.jpgWhy did God create the world in six days rather than one? So that we would consider his work of creation piece by piece in our meditations. In one manuscript Ussher suggests that this is the way to reflect on the cross,  not simply thinking of the cross in general, but rather considering how there was sorrow upon sorrow, ‘and we shall find it a marvailous meanes to extend our love to Christ, and to fasten our harte to him’. This is why in his preaching he seeks to paint a picture, directing our gaze to the cross. He invites us to ‘conceive…imagine him before your eyes thus represented’, (Works 13.153). Towards the end of one sermon in which he catalogues the sorrows of the vir dolorum come these powerful words:

“What aileth thee, O thou sun to be darkened, and thou earth to tremble?” was it not to shew his mourning for the death of its maker? The soul of Christ was dark within, and it is fit that all the world should be hung in black for the death of the King of kings. (Works, 13.157)


2 Responses to “Thoughts from Ussher on the Cross”

  1. Ian Clary Says:

    Hi Richard!
    Good to see you blogging. More Ussher please!!!

  2. RS Says:

    Thanks Ian. There will certainly be more Ussher, but you must understand that I will be saving all the really good stuff for the thesis!

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