When the church looks like the world…

October 12, 2007

One major Christian dating service has felt the need to issue specific guidelines about what sort of photographs are permissible. Among the more amusing prohibitions are the following:

  • Erotic Photos – Because this is not an “adult” website, you’re not allowed to submit nude or other sexually explicit photographs of yourself.
  • No weapons (i.e. guns, knives, swords, etc.) – We do not advocate violence and strive to provide a safe place for singles to connect with other singles. If you’re a gun enthusiast, please be advised that gun photos will be deleted, no questions asked.
  • Finally, no inappropriate hand gestures. It’s just rude.

I’m surprised, and then again, I’m not. Although I have to say that I don’t know any naked, M16-toting Christian women. Maybe I just go to the wrong church.


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