Packer on the Puritans

October 18, 2007

Those nice folks at Reformed Theological Seminary have put 16 lectures on the Puritans by Jim Packer on their i-Tunes site. The lecture titles are listed below:

The Puritan Identity – 01 
The Puritan Identity – 02 
Puritan Theological Concerns – 01 
Puritan Theological Concerns – 02 
The Bible in Puritan Theology – 01 
The Bible in Puritan Theology – 02 
Salvation by Grace – 01 
Salvation by Grace – 02 
Faith and Assurance – 01 
Faith and Assurance – 02 
The Good Fight – 01 
The Good Fight – 02 
Reformed Monasticism 
The Christian Minister 
Worship, Fellowship, and Discipline in the Church 

You can download them for FREE at this address. What’s stopping you??


3 Responses to “Packer on the Puritans”

  1. Nothing is stopping me, I am on my way there now to download them all!

  2. David Says:

    What’s stopping me? For one, the fact that I need to install iTunes in order to download the mp3s.

  3. RS Says:

    Yes, it is a pain isn’t it. But no pain, no gain!!!

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