Reformation Day

October 29, 2007

So, 31 October approaches, the day when Martin Luther may or may not have nailed his 95 theses to a wooden door in Wittenberg. In some traditions this is a day that is celebrated, but here in England it doesn’t get much attention in many churches, mine included, so I will celebrate it in my own quiet way. Actually, celebrate would not be the best word. Remember and give thanks, yes. Celebrate in any triumphalistic sense, no.

The words of Richard Baxter, whatever one might think of his theology, are sobering:

I can well remember the time when I was earnest for the reformation of matters of ceremony; and, if I should be cold in such substantial matter as this, how disorderly and disproportionable would my zeal appear! Alas! can we think that the reformation is wrought, when we cast out a few ceremonies, and changed some vestures, and gestures, and forms! Oh no, sirs! it is the converting and saving of souls that is our business. That is the chiefest part of reformation, that doth most good, and tendeth most to the salvation of the people. (The Reformed Pastor)

Let’s remember our Reformation heritage. But let’s remember too the millions in this country who walk in darkness, and remember the churches that have fallen back into error and the prevalence of false teaching.

Semper reformanda.



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