Ussher Online

November 10, 2007

There are a number of volumes of Elrington’s 17 volume edition of Ussher’s works on Google Books. You can link to them from here. Some of the other volumes are there with more limited access. It will hopefully be possible to update this list in future to include more volumes as they are added.

Vol. 1 The Life of James Ussher, D.D.
The Appendix includes the following:
i) Genealogical Table;
ii) An Account of the Commencement held on the 18 th of August, 1614;
iii) A Brief declaration of certein principall Articles of Religion set out by order and aucthoritie as well of the Right Honourable Sir Henry Sidney. as by the Archbyshops and byshops.;
iv) The 1615 Articles;
v) A Certificate of the State and Revenues of the Bishopricke of Meath and Clonmacnoise;
vi) An Historical narration of the controversy betwixt the Archbishops of Armagh and Dublin touching the Primacy;
vii) A Vindication of the opinions and actions of the Lord Primate Ussher in reference to the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England, and his conformity thereunto, from the aspersions of Peter Heylin, D.D. in his pamphlet called Respondet Petrus, by James Tyrell, Esq.

Vol. 3  An Answer to a Challenge made by a Jesuit in Ireland (1625).

Vol. 5  Brittanicarum Ecclesiarum Antiquitates ; caput I-XIII (1639).

Vol. 8  Annales veteris Testamenti, a Prima Mundi Origine deducti, una cum Rerum Asiaticarum Aegypticarum Chronico, a temporis historici principio usque ad Maccabaicorum initia producto (1650).


Vol. 9  Annales veteris Testamenti (contd.).

Vol. 10  Annales veteris Testamenti (contd.).

Vol. 11  Annales veteris Testamenti concludes;
Annalium Pars Posterior, in qua, praeter Maccabaicam et novi testamenti historiam, Imperii Romanorum Caesarum sub Caio Julio et Octaviano Ortus, rerumque in Asia et Aegypto Gestarum continetur Chronicon … (1654);
The Principles of Christian Religion (1654);
The Method of the Doctrine of Christian Religion (1654);
The Power communicated by God to the Prince, and the Obedience required of the Subject ;
The Original and first Institution of Corbes, Herenaches and Termon Lands ;
The first Establishment of the English Laws and Parliaments in the Kingdom of Ireland ;
A Discourse, showing when and how far the Imperial Laws were received by the old Irish and the Inhabitants of Great Britain ;
Chronologia Sacra .


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