December 6, 2007

Can’t blog anything substantial till the weekend (this thesis business really gets in the way of blogging), so for now I will let you in on another one of my secrets. I’m sure that some of διαθήκη’s readers will appreciate Scholasticon, a website at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. This proved invaluable in tracking down a reference last year. The ‘Nomenclator’ page will give you a list of hundreds of (mostly) Catholic scholastics of the early modern period. Some of the entries are brief, some more extensive. The 700+ item bibliography for Suarez looks a bit intimidating. Some surprising omissions too, but no doubt this is an ongoing project. Useful site. Bookmark it for future reference.

Meanwhile, over at the Vatican…Benedict XVI grants a new plenary indulgence for pilgrimages to Lourdes on its 150th anniversary. Read more here.


3 Responses to “Scholasticism”

  1. […] In Case You’re Worried About Purgatory December 7, 2007 Good news for those evangelicals and nominally Reformed folk who are thinking of going to “Rome Sweet Home:” Yesterday, the Holy Father himself promulgated a new plenary indulgence (HT: διαθηκη). […]

  2. GLW Johnson Says:

    Yes, I called my old professor Mark Noll and asked in my best Irish accent, ” So, Dr. Noll, is the Reformation really over?” His response was to deadpan-” Huh, let me rephrase that.”

  3. RS Says:

    Scholasticon has moved:

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