Road Trip

January 15, 2008

On Saturday, I drove down to London with two friends from church, Tim and Daniel, to visit Bunhill Fields. The police had chained the gates at one end of the park the night before and not turned up to unlock them. The attendant was rather confused and reluctant to open the other gate. He seemed to think that the police might want to investigate a crime scene. I was tempted to joke that they might find a dead body, but decided that that might be less than helpful. We eventually persuaded him to let us in and we had the place to ourselves. The City of London is quieter on a Saturday morning and the place was peaceful. For a long time I had intended to visit this place and see the graves of Owen (pictured), Bunyan, Goodwin, Defoe and others. Definitely worth the trip. As I wrote in an earlier post, I appreciate the sense of connectedness with the past that visiting such places can make quite tangible. It wasn’t a pilgrimage, we didn’t light a candle or anything weird like that, but Tim said a prayer thanking God for the ministry of these men and the legacy of their writings that we enjoy today. Admission is free (which makes up for the horrendous parking meter charges).

After an excellent lunch we visited Geneva Books where I added to my collection of Parker Society volumes. There was much rejoicing in the car on the way home.




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