Puritan Pith

April 23, 2008

I found the following line in a MS notebook of Daniel Cawdrey of Westminster Assembly fame:

Hee that dyes before hee dyes, shall not dye when hee dyes.

I liked it so thought I would blog it. For various reasons, I suspect it is actually cannibalised from William Perkins (probably Cases of Conscience) but have not checked.


3 Responses to “Puritan Pith”

  1. Jim Davison Says:

    An interesting thought. What colour do you think he was thinking in – Red as in blood?

    By the way congratulations

  2. RS Says:

    It took me a minute but I think I get the joke. ‘Dyes’ right?

    Good to hear from you Jim.

  3. D.A. Kohanyi Says:

    It would be difficult to identify a source with certainty, but this saying is present also in early Christian monastic writing like the Apothegmata of the Desert Fathers, and it can be found in other, later places too, although I cannot think of any at the moment

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