Lama on the Loose

May 30, 2008

The Bodleian is a wonderful environment to work in, especially the Duke Humphrey’s Library where I am sitting now. There are occasional distractions though – Harry Potter film crews, etc. But I was surprised to see the Dalai Lama in the quad a few minutes ago. Seems he is here to receive an honorary degree. Fair enough, but I could do without the hundreds of chanting monks outside. Got to try to nail this chapter this weekend.


3 Responses to “Lama on the Loose”

  1. RS Says:

    They are still shouting out there.

  2. RS Says:

    And that’s the Dalai Lama – not deli llama. which is a sandwich filling.

  3. RS Says:

    I thought the monks were with him but it turns out that they were protesters. 800 Buddhist monks took the day off from peace and love to shout ‘Dalai Lama – stop lying’ for upward of three hours outside the window while I was trying to get some work done. Apparently he doesn’t like some prayer that they like and so is as bad as the Chinese government. What?

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