Dangerous Tomes

June 27, 2008

One for Tim.

Did you know…that before the days of Wii-Fit, William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury and nemesis of many a godly puritan took the occassional work-out by swinging two heavy books, and once managed to rupture himself doing so. Could we call that aerobooks?

Speaking of Laud, you can get a fascimile set of the 19th-century edition of his works, including his diary, for just £50 (normally > 500 Euros) at Postscript . This is a bargain, a great opportunity to read this much misunderstood man.


2 Responses to “Dangerous Tomes”

  1. Terry Says:

    Just out of curiosity – I was intrigued by your final three words, “much misunderstood man” – have you read Alan Cromartie’s revaluation and rehabilitation of the archbishop, ‘The Mind of William Laud’? If you have, I’d be interested in your thoughts. Notwithstanding a few strokes of genius, I’m not convinced by his overall argument that Laud was just an atypically aggressive defender of Calvinism. It fails to account for his strident anti-puritanism from the early 1620s onward.

  2. RS Says:

    Terry, I haven’t read the Cromartie piece so I can’t really comment. That is a book I really must read.

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