News of Nuptials

September 15, 2008


Well, I’m back. The last couple of months have been very busy, but now back in Oxford, head down, getting on with it. Mrs. S. and I were married at the end of July. A miserable summer, even by British standards, threw up a dry and sunny day when required. The picture above is from the ceremony at St. Ebbe’s, with Vaughan Roberts officiating. It was a great day and it was so good to have many of our friends with us.

There is much blogging to do…


4 Responses to “News of Nuptials”

  1. Marty Foord Says:

    Hey Richard, again huge congratulations! What great photo! Hope marriages Usshers in many blessings. Marty.

  2. RS Says:

    Thanks Marty.

    Funnily enough, as I was typing out the last page of the order of service booklet the week before the wedding, the page where the people with ‘jobs’ get their credits, I caught myself typing ‘Usshers’. Oh dear. What a sad man I am. Maybe marriage will help me get out more.

    BTW. The blurred head at vaughan’s right shoulder belongs to your old Moore College buddy, Philip Percival.

  3. Andrew Stumer Says:

    Congratulations Richard

    I trust your nuptials will Ussher in a period of great happiness and fulfilment for you both.

    Andrew and Carly

  4. RS Says:

    G’day guys.
    Thanks very much.
    So far, so good!

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