Cambridge Companion Countdown

September 20, 2008

(I have an affinity for alliteration, don’t I). claim they will have the Cambridge Companion to Puritanism in stock in 10 days time. This will be essential reading for all students of the period. I have pasted the contents list below. Juicy.

Introduction John Coffey and Paul C. H. Lim

 Part I. English Puritanism

 1. Antipuritanism – Patrick Collinson

 2. The growth of English Puritanism – John Craig

 3. Early Stuart Puritanism – Tom Webster

 4. The Puritan revolution – John Morrill

 5. Later Stuart Puritanism – John Spurr

 Part II. Beyond England

 6. Puritanism and the Continental Reformed Churches – Anthony Milton

 7. The Puritan experiment in New England, 1630–1660 – Francis J. Bremer

 8. New England, 1660–1730 – David D. Hall

 9. Puritanism in Ireland and Wales – Crawford Gribben

 10. The problem of Scotland’s Puritans – Margo Todd

 Part III. Major Themes

 11. Practical divinity and spirituality – Charles Hambrick-Stowe

 12. Puritan polemical divinity and doctrinal controversy – Dewey D. Wallace, Jr.

 13. Puritans and the Church of England: historiography and ecclesiology – Paul C. H. Lim

 14. Radical Puritanism, c. 1558–1660 – David R. Como

 15. Puritan millenarianism in old and New England – Jeffrey K. Jue

 16. The Godly and popular culture – Alexandra Walsham

 17. Puritanism and gender – Ann Hughes

 18. Puritanism and literature N. H. Keeble

 Part IV. Puritanism and Posterity

 19. Puritan legacies – John Coffey

 20. The historiography of Puritanism – Peter Lake


7 Responses to “Cambridge Companion Countdown”

  1. JD Says:

    Now this is what I call a book to keep you bright eyed and excited. It has been a long time in coming,but you know wthat they say – If it’s worth having it’s worth waiting for.

  2. […] Companion to Puritanism The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism should be available very shortly. Cambridge Companion Countdown διαθήκη (September 20, 2008) The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism – Cambridge University Press […]

  3. RS Says:

    Oh dear. Better make that a ‘count-up’. Amazon in the UK have moved the date from 30 Sept to 9 Oct, and more worryingly Amazon US saying 30 Oct. Might have to wait a little longer.

  4. cg Says:

    That looks amazing – ALL top contributors too.

  5. RS Says:

    Yes, all the top scholars of Puritanism! And Crawford Gribben.

  6. JD Says:

    I have already started to read it in detail after browsing throught it at the weekend. Purchased in Belfast last Week – Evangelical Bookshop.

  7. RS Says:

    Yippee! Mrs. S. got a copy at Blackwell’s in town this evening. Will start reading it tomorrow.

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