Sixteenth-Century Advertising

December 22, 2008

I have been reading The Sick Man’s Salve by Thomas Becon. Composed in the reign of Edward VI and going through eleven editions by the turn of the century, it was one of the most important Protestant Ars Moriendi in English. Poor Epaphroditus lies dying and is comforted and encouraged by a number of friends. The book is a rather prolix account of their conversation. One of the characters is a minister called Philemon. Twice he asks for one of the others to hand him a copy of a book called The Flower of Godly Prayers so that he can read out one of the prayers. By coincidence The Flower of Godly Prayers is an earlier work by…Thomas Becon.


One Response to “Sixteenth-Century Advertising”

  1. That’s amusing.


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