Stadhampton in the Snow

February 21, 2009



I took this picture of St. John the Baptist, Stadhampton a couple of weeks ago on the way to an afternoon’s walking in the snow on Watlington Hill. Stadhampton, formerly Stadham, is the village where John Owen was born and where his father Henry was a ‘painful labourer in the vineyard of the Lord’, a minister of sufficient non-conformity to earn the odious name ‘Puritan’. I cannot tell you much about the building. Tried to find out if it would be possible to look around inside and find out more when we had Marty Foord with us but no-one replied to my e-mail. This is about five minutes from my house so I often drive past it.


2 Responses to “Stadhampton in the Snow”

  1. Marty Foord Says:

    Hey Richard,

    What a great photo! Don’t show too many more otherwise I’ll start pining to be back in the UK really badly.



  2. RS Says:

    I should have titled this post ‘ITS SN-OWEN’.

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