Fresh Air

May 7, 2009


It was good to have a break over Easter, with 10 days in Northern Ireland. Awesome scenery. The photo is of me, just below the summit tor of Slieve Binnian in the Mournes with the Silent Valley beneath. No snow on the tops this year, but great walking all the same. Just so I wouldn’t enjoy myself too much I took Jean Delumeau’s Sin and Fear: The Emergence of a Western Guilt Culture, 13th – 18th Centuries  for holiday reading. Mrs. S. is beginning to worry about me.

I’m happy. I sit here listening to Beethoven, 2nd of the 6th, having put in a solid day’s writing. The last two months were research and reading and it’s always difficult to get back into writing when you have no momentum. But I did it and I’m happy. And tomorrow I plan to do it again. Meanwhile, a morsel from Arthur Dent…


One Response to “Fresh Air”

  1. Marty Foord Says:

    Spectacular picture dude!

    BTW what did you think of Delumeau? Is it worth the read?



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