The Loquacity of Love

May 21, 2009

John Preston:

You shall find this to be the propertie of love, he that loveth, is very readie to speake of the party loved; love is full of loquacitie, it is ready to fall into the praises of the partie beloved, and so keep no measure in it, to abound in it, that is the disposition of every man that loveth… Doe you professe to love the Lord, and yet never delight to speake of him? nor delight to hear others speake of him? My beloved, this backwardnesse that is amongst us to holy and gracious speech, to speeches that tend to the setting forth of the Lords praise, shewes that love to the Lord Jesus is wanting among us… You know, when you love any, that love will teach you to speake, it will quicken the dullest wit and invention; love sharpeneth, and makest the rudest tongue eloquent. It is the nature of love to set the heart on worke, and when the heart is set on worke, the tongue will be as the penne, of a ready writer (The Breast-plate of Faith and Love, 5th ed., 1637, II.72-74).


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