Ussher on Joy (2)

August 28, 2009

Was rebuked by MW (you know who you are) a while ago for not posting. A busy summer, but here’s a post.

Have been writing something on Ussher and joy. This is a sample of his thoughts from a sermon on Psa. 32:11, circa 1624.

And howsoever the wicked think the life of God’s children full of heaviness, and uncomfortable, yet indeed their life, of all other, is most cheerful, wherein they ought to rejoice […] That it is the privilege and sole property of the children of God, who trust in him alone, not only to have the only true joy, but also the abundance and height of joy, rejoicing in the midst of afflictions, and therefore [the Psalmist] willeth them to rejoice, and rejoice again and again. Wherein we may perceive that he directly crosseth the common opinion, that the life of Christianity is such a tedious task, and uncomfortable life full of sorrows, a narrow way, with a number of other imputations of the like sort; by the contrary proving, that none can truly rejoice, but he who is a godly man, who is compassed with mercy.


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