Oh Dear!

March 2, 2010

I started reading started reading John F. H. New’s Anglican and Puritan: The Basis of Their Opposition, 1558-1640 (Stanford, 1964) this evening. Now this is a book which I fully expect to disagree with for all sorts of reasons but even so, in a book from an academic publisher I feel entitled to a certain level of scholarship and argument. The following comes from page 6:

The Emperor Constantine’s calling of the Council of Nicea (325) to resolve the Church’s dispute with Arius is a classic example of what massive consequences can hang upon one letter of a single word. The question then was the consubstantiality (homoiousia) or the similarity (homoousia) of the Son and the Father in the Person of the Trinity.

I kid you not. This hardly fills me with confidence.


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