Oh Dear! Again!

March 27, 2010

I persevered with John F. H. New’s Anglican and Puritan: The Basis of Their Opposition, 1558-1640 (Stanford, 1964). He discusses King James I’s distaste for the Remonstrants and then informs us that ‘he [King James] sent a handpicked delegation, headed by the Irish theologian James Ussher, to oppose them at Dort’ (p. 14). I have been working on Ussher for over 3 years! How could I have missed this!?


2 Responses to “Oh Dear! Again!”

  1. Marty Says:

    Dude, that’s amazing! New by name, New historical discoveries by trade.

  2. RS Says:


    There was obviously more going on at Dort than scholars like Bob Godfrey and Anthony Milton realized. I read one doctoral thesis last year (I have too much respect for the author to name him) that put George Abbot on the Dort delegation too. Having the archbishop of Canterbury on team must have really added some gravitas. Lancelot Andrewes’s complaint that Dort was the only general council of the church to be convened with just one bishop present – George Carleton, at the time Bishop of Llandaff – rings hollow. Obviously there was one Archbishop (Abbot) and two bishops (Carleton, Ussher)!

    As an Owenista I’m sure you will appreciate the tip off that John Owen was a member of the Westminster Assembly (Robert S. Paul, The Atonement and the Sacraments (Hodder & Stoughton, 1961), 117). I hope Chad has got that straight.

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