Covenanted Nation?

January 1, 2011


Back on the blog! For how long, who knows? I have been very busy writing up my doctoral thesis and it is oh so nearly finished.

Here’s something I came across a while ago…

These words are from a sermon by John Gordon, a Scot who went south with James after his accession to the throne of England:

[T]his name of Brittania, or Brettania cometh from  the name of such a one of the posterity of Japhet,  that did first divide the Isles of the Gentiles, unto whom by lot this Island did fall. Therefore it is most certain that as the rest of the names of the kingdoms of Europe, did take their original name from the sons of Japhet: even so we must seek the etymology of Brittania, out of the Hebrew language, which is Brit-an-iah, and doth consist of three words. BRIT signifieth, foedus, a covenant; AN, ibi, there; IAH, Dei, of God. Which three being conjoined in one, do signify, that THERE IS THE COVENANT OF GOD, that is, in this Island the covenant of God was established. (John Gordon, Henotikon, 1604, pp. 22f)



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