Evangelical Millennialism

January 5, 2011

Crawford Gribben’s new book Evangelical Millennialism in the Trans-Atlantic World, 1500-2000 has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan. Crawford is a leading authority on the history of millennialism and his books are a pleasure to read. His last work in this area, Writing the Rapture, a study of the rapture fiction genre, had me laughing out loud in places.

Here is the publisher’s blurb:

This book offers the first complete overview of the intellectual history of one of the most significant contemporary cultural trends. In the early seventeenth century, European evangelicals recovered those expectations of an earthly golden age that had been deemed heretical by medieval and reformation theologians. Throughout early modernity, and across the spectrum of evangelical belief, these millennial expectations were deployed to mount a series of radical critiques of church and wider culture. In modernity, these expectations were appropriated by religious and cultural conservatives, who found in millennial theology the framework of their hostility to an unbelieving world and a rationale for their critical engagement with it – a critical engagement that ranged from an attempt at the wholesale reconstruction of a Christian society to an expectation of its imminent and catastrophic demise. This account guides readers into the origins, evolution, and revolutionary potential of evangelical millennialism in the trans-Atlantic world.

You can bet that I will be getting a copy myself.


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