I am an Associate Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at London School of Theology. My doctoral research focused on the theology of James Ussher (1581-1656), specifically his thought on the doctrines of atonement, justification, and the assurance of faith. A revised version of the thesis is to be published by Oxford University Press. My wider interests include the English and Irish Reformations, Puritanism and Post-Reformation Scholasticism. Atonement and justification are hot potatoes today too, so I try to keep abreast of the plethora of literature on the subjects but there are only so many hours in the day.

These are the subjects that will be sporadically blogged about, as well as the odd ‘funny’. I will also try to share thoughts on the practice of researching historical theology.


5 Responses to “About RS”

  1. rjs1 Says:

    Ahhh, so you’re the reason I could have the RS username! Interesting blog, I will keep an eye on it.

  2. Hello Richard

    Enjoying catching up with you on your blog. Keep them coming.

  3. David Crookes Says:

    Hello Richard,

    long time no “see”. Interesting blog. How’s things? Ping in email?


  4. jamestobrien Says:

    Thank you, Richard, for the link to e-theses from the University of Aberdeen. It was incredibly fun to see what they had available. I was especially delighted to find the Owen and Thomism thesis. Ashegate’s $90 price tag put it way out of reach. I see you did research on Ussher. It didn’t show up on EthOS. Where did you write it? I’m a pastor in South Carolina. Long ago, in a land far away, I studied Reformation theology with Ford Lewis Battles and medieval and reformation theology with David Steinmetz. I like to drop in occasionally and see all the work you young guys are doing!

  5. RS Says:

    Not on EThOS? Can’t imagine why not. It will be published by Oxford University Press – October is the scheduled release date. Thanks for reading.

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