Check out the online collections at the Princeton Seminary Library. They have digitised the ‘Studies in Reformed Theology and History’ series, a collection of short monographs. Pick of the bunch would be Tony Lane on John Calvin and Bernard of Clairvaux. There are also interesting studies by Torrance Kirby on Richard Hooker and Boersma on Richard Baxter and infant baptism. Barth, Edwards, John McLeod Campbell – it’s all there!

There are also digitised manuscripts of Charles Hodge’s European journal and some sermons.


You could do worse than:

You can find out more here. Be sure to watch the cartoon intro.


This is a well-known portrait of John Calvin. The artist has pictured Calvin looking out of the picture at something we can’t see. I think that’s the artist’s way of telling us that Calvin knows more than we do. But what I always wanted to know is, why is flipping someone the bird?