Westminster Conference, 2008

October 14, 2008

The Westminster Conference moves to a new venue in central London for 2008 and has a shiny new website . The program is below.

Tuesday, 9th December

Iain Murray: What can we learn from the Puritans

John J Murray: The Recovery of the Reformed Vision

Paul Brown: E F Kevan and the Grace of Law

 Wednesday, 10th December

Robert Godfrey: Reformed and Puritan Views of Tradition

Jonathan Watson: Thomas Brooks and Spiritual Conflict

Faith Cook: William Grimshaw


Conference: Heterodoxy

November 24, 2007

I noticed a poster for this conference yesterday. It’s getting out of my period, but hey, it’s local so I’ll think about going.

The intellectual consequences of religious heterodoxy in Europe 1650-1750.

St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 14-15 March 2008

‘A conference to explore the ways in which heterodox doctrine shaped new developments in thinking about morals, society, history and nature in this vital period of European intellectual history.’

Speakers include Jonathan Israel, Scott Mandelbrote, Sarah Mortimer, Martin Muslow, and Brian Young.

Enquiries to john.robertson@history.ox.ac.uk

John Owen Conference

November 7, 2007



It’s happening: 

19-22 August 2008, Westminster College, Cambridge.

Speakers to include Crawford Gribben, Mike Horton, Kelly Kapic, Sebastian Rehnman, and Carl Trueman.

Put it in your diary and watch here for details.

Westminster Conference, 2007

October 25, 2007

For those of you not on the mailing list, the details of this year’s Westminster Conference have been sent out. It’s on Tuesday/Wednesday 11th-12th December at Friend’s House, 173 Euston Rd, London, opposite Euston Station. The cost is £35 (£20 for full-time students). The programme is:

Tuesday 11th December

The Clapham Sect and the Abolition of Slavery – Roger Fay

Charles Wesley and his Hymns – Graham Harrison

Preaching – “ex opere operato” – Robert Strivens

Wednesday 12th December

Turretin and the place of Systematic Theology – Maurice Roberts

Stephen Charnock and the Knowledge of God in Christ – Jeremy Walker

The Preaching of John Newton – John Harris

Further information and booking forms available from John Harris, 8 Back Knowl Rd, Mirfield, W. Yorks, WF14 9SA