I was in Boots at the weekend to get my monthly supply of hangover cure – oops, there go my chances of working in the SBC – and I noticed that they sell e-cigarettes called Puritane. It was almost enough to make me start smoking…


Anglican Air

September 17, 2008

An excellent graphic from the Cranmer blog:

Dangerous Tomes

June 27, 2008

One for Tim.

Did you know…that before the days of Wii-Fit, William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury and nemesis of many a godly puritan took the occassional work-out by swinging two heavy books, and once managed to rupture himself doing so. Could we call that aerobooks?

Speaking of Laud, you can get a fascimile set of the 19th-century edition of his works, including his diary, for just £50 (normally > 500 Euros) at Postscript . This is a bargain, a great opportunity to read this much misunderstood man.

Leap Year

February 29, 2008

February 29th. I wonder if leap years are chosen for the U.S. presidential contest (can’t say ‘race’, right) in all its Byzantine complexity because it really needs that extra day to get the business done. As the primary season heads towards a close, I still find myself laughing about something that happened last time round, the onstage implosion of the leading Democrat.


That’s the fun over with. Back to Christ and the Decree and an enormous pot of coffee.


October 20, 2007


So, you thought the NIV had its problems. This is an excerpt from Exodus 20 in a 1631 King James Bible. Spot the missing word. Needless to say, as soon as the mistake was realised the edition was recalled and only 11 copies are known to exist today. The printers were fined a small fortune and this edition has ever since been known as ‘The Wicked Bible’.

One major Christian dating service has felt the need to issue specific guidelines about what sort of photographs are permissible. Among the more amusing prohibitions are the following:

  • Erotic Photos – Because this is not an “adult” website, you’re not allowed to submit nude or other sexually explicit photographs of yourself.
  • No weapons (i.e. guns, knives, swords, etc.) – We do not advocate violence and strive to provide a safe place for singles to connect with other singles. If you’re a gun enthusiast, please be advised that gun photos will be deleted, no questions asked.
  • Finally, no inappropriate hand gestures. It’s just rude.

I’m surprised, and then again, I’m not. Although I have to say that I don’t know any naked, M16-toting Christian women. Maybe I just go to the wrong church.