I love my iPod

June 5, 2008

During the month of June you can download The Pilgrim’s Progress audiobookfor free. You can listen to Bunyan on the go. This is ideal for those times when you are performing boring manual tasks that require no concentration at all. Like driving the car.


Reformation MP3s

October 29, 2007

Definitely worth a look is this short series of lectures by Carl Trueman on the Reformation. Trueman is entertaining and really gets to the principles. Enjoy.

Lecture 1 – “The Road to Reformation”

Lecture 2 – “The Theology of the Cross”

Lecture 3 – “Freedom from Babylon, Freedom for Christ”


Packer on the Puritans

October 18, 2007

Those nice folks at Reformed Theological Seminary have put 16 lectures on the Puritans by Jim Packer on their i-Tunes site. The lecture titles are listed below:

The Puritan Identity – 01 
The Puritan Identity – 02 
Puritan Theological Concerns – 01 
Puritan Theological Concerns – 02 
The Bible in Puritan Theology – 01 
The Bible in Puritan Theology – 02 
Salvation by Grace – 01 
Salvation by Grace – 02 
Faith and Assurance – 01 
Faith and Assurance – 02 
The Good Fight – 01 
The Good Fight – 02 
Reformed Monasticism 
The Christian Minister 
Worship, Fellowship, and Discipline in the Church 

You can download them for FREE at this address. What’s stopping you??