What’s That Funny Smell?

January 9, 2011


From Keith Thomas’s The Ends of Life: Roads to Fulfilment in Early Modern England:

in 1657 the inhabitants of the London parish of St Dunstan’s in the West prosecuted one James Farr ‘for making and selling of a drink called “coffee”, whereby in making the same he annoyeth his neighbours by evil smells’.

Strange to think of this as a novelty when our cities are full of coffee shops. Some students here seem to live in  the places. Some certainly spend more time there than in the libraries. My question is this – if you are going to use a coffee shop as a place of study/writing or whatever, how long can you feel justified in stretching out a large coffee?


January 20, 2010

Samuel James was born a few days ago. Here he is, 7 days old, in his carseat waiting to leave hospital.

License to Kill

December 5, 2008

Seeing Quantum of Solace recently reminded me of this sermon on Judges 3, preached by my friend Sam Allberry (who blogs here) a few years ago.